Ttm 2/3


5.00 star(s)
Got back from the cages(it was raining cats & dogs so I took my nephew to the indoor cages instead of using the one they have in their backyard...)

He had 4 returns...

Mike Simms 3/3
Claude Osteen 4/4 (all personalized)
Dave Hostetler 4/3 Hoss included one of those ranger sig cards (2 personalized)

the cool one was this

Mike Timlin 4 cards 1 92 World Series ball w "4 Time World Series Champion"

I asked Timlin if he could include a few pointers or words of wisdom on an enclosed index card. (Timlin and I played at the same college(Southwestern University) and I met him at a couple of alumni games back in the day when i played(late 90s) ...

anyway here was his enclosed 3 X5

You need to long toss for arm strength!
Work on a changeup when your hand is big enough. Never be afraid of throwing with a sore arm. The muscles have to be worked out.(not pain).
MOST IMPORTANTLY: Texans never give up!!"

cool dude..Clay was pretty stoked...