TTM auto sets...whos doing them?

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1986 Topps Traded (a secondary project to my astros all-time roster project)
I'm working on getting a lot of pretty much all sets from the late 50's and 60's. It would pretty crazy to get all of those sets and probably impossible, but my goal is 50-100 of each set.
I am doing the 2005 Bowman Heritage set, the prospects sets from the 06 and 07 Bowman Heritage, and I also get any 81,82,83 Donruss I can get done just because I like the look of them.

Here are my checklists for the Heritage sets:
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The two main ones I am focusing on are the 1976 Topps Baseball and the 1970 Topps Football.
I am working on the 1991 Fleer baseball set (distinct yellow cards). If you or anyone has any signed, I'd be willing to trade for anybody I don't already have. The set is at about 130/720 right now.