TTM/IP AUTOS F/S or trade

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Aug 11, 2010
New York
Here is a list of my on card autos. The cards are obtained IP uness noted with TTM. If you have seen list in past, check last 25 cards as I have updated the list. I am looking for certs of major leaguers current or retired. I'd also be interested IP/TTMs of HOFers for trade. If you do not have any of my wants, I willl sell at $2 a card.

Doug Dascenzo 89UD (RC)x2
Tom Brunansky 90D x4 TTM
Randy Hennis 91SC (RC) x2 TTM
Rick Cerone 86T, 88T, 89T, 91T x2
Juan Samuel 91UD x2
Brett Butler 91UD
Alvaro Espinoza 91FL
Rafael Santana 88T
Gary Disarcina 97T
Jeff Huson 91T Topps All-Star Rookie
Dave Henderson 88SC, 90FL
Tony Castillo 91T
Jim Lonborg 76T TTM
Jamie Moyer 90D, 91FL TTM
Dave Eiland 91T x2
Terry Pendleton 92SC
Phil Garner 77T TTM
Rick Dempsey 76T TTM
Ricky Jordan 90T x2
Tom O'mally 88SC "All my best" TTM
Dan Pasqua 90T
Bob Geren 90D in pen
Roy White 77T in pen,
Bryn Smith 91SC
Al Newman 91 FL x2 TTM
Billy Koch 97Bow 1st Bowman Card x2
Vladimir Nunez 97Bow (slight smear)
Brent Mayne 91SC
Butch Wynegar 84T
Jose Offerman 91FL (small skip in J)
Lance Parrish 91 FL x2
Mark Grace 91T TTM
Doug Decinces 77T x2, 82T x2, 82Don TTM
Tim Teufel 88Don x2
Sid Bream 87T x2, 91 FL x2, TTM (each has diff bible ref.)
Gary Petis 91FL
Joel Skinner 88SC x2
Mike Maddux 92SC x2 TTM
Jose Cruz 77T TTM
Rick Shu 91FL x2
Bob Kipper 92T, 92FL, 87T
Greg Gagne 87T x2 93T x2 TTM
Andy Ashby 92D (RC) x2 TTM
Tony Perezchica 91SC (RC) x2 TTM
Bob Bailor 83T TTM
Pat Zachry 79T, 82T TTM
Craig Swan 84T x2 in pen TTM
Claude Osteen 68T (CREASED), 74T TTM
Al Hrabosky 79T TTM
Jim Corsi 89FL x2 TTM
Andy Benes 89T, 90Don TTM
Shawon Dunston 97 FL Ultra TTM
Don Money 82FL TTM
Sal Butera 87T TTM
Tom Herr 90T
Enos Cabell ‘83T TTM
Eddie Kasko '73T TTM
Ken Forsch '81T, 84T TTM
Ed Vandeberg 89T TTM
Randy Lerch 81Don, 83T TTM
Larry Brown '66T TTM
Randy Niemann 87T
Fernando Valenzuela 88SC TTM
Ray Corbin 76T x2 TTM
Derrell Thomas 83T, 84T TTM
Bob Grich 82FL, 83T AS TTM
Ed Kranepool 73T (weak sharpie), 75T, 80T
Jim Fergosi 75T, 76T TTM
Walt Terrell 84T x2 TTM
Bernie Carbo 04FL Greats TTM
Tippy Martinez 76T TTM
Andy Kosco 74T TTM
Rick Reuschel 74T, 87T x2 TTM
Eddie Yarnell 00T
Art Howe 92T TTM
Bobby Meacham 87T, 88Don TTM
Franklin Stubbs 92 FL Ultra
Charlie Hough 81T
Ricky Bones 92SC, 92 ST CLUB, 92 UD, 93SC, 93UD
Bert Campaneris 75T, 77T, 82T
Anthony Telford 92 Don "Rev 3:20" x2
Wayne Garrett 74T, 77T
Alex Arias '93 FL, '93 Pin
Paul Blair '77T
Jay Johnstone '77T, '82FL, '82T
Ron Blomberg '74T, '88T
Bruce Aven '00T
Orestes Destrade '93 Leaf, '93UD, '94SC, '94T '94 UD
Dennis Rassmussen '85T, '92 UD
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Please check my bucket (www button) for these:

Vladimir Nunez 97 Bowman
Phil Roof 77 Topps
Eddie Yarnell 99 Topps

Maybe Im not looking in right place, but I didnt see any HOFers and only 5-7 certs in your buckett.
Sorry I missed that part of the post. I would be trading them for other TTM and IP autos...don't know that anyone I listed is worth a HOF auto...if interested in anything lmk.
If you had a Herzog or a Doerr. Im sure you'd trade 1 for those 3 in a second. From what I saw I'd take the dravecky ttm and the chambliss GU for the 3 autos.
I have a Doerr auto I can's on a custom, but if that works post it up. My scanner is broken, but I can take a pic with my phone if you want...

Sorry, no customs or ICs. If you want I'll take the Chambliss GU'ed for all 3, since I have doubles of all 3 players.
Rangersfan- yours will go out monday aswell

To all others, everyone's PMs have been responded to.
Interested in these

Pat Zachry 79 T
Eddie Kasko 73T
Sal Butera 87 T

I have a couple of Hockey HOF'ers TTM available : Norm Ullman and Andy Bathgate

I also have a Certified auto Heath Bell in the Peak Performance subset of 2010 Topps Update available as well


In Your List Does The "sc" After The Year Mean Stadium Club Or Score Cards? I Am Looking For 91 Stadium Clubs That I Don't Have.
both martinez's are good as you saw, so I think you'll be happy with either, I'll give you whichever appears better. I posted it up in TM and deleted cards from list. Anyone else who needs any, let me know.