TTM/IP's FT, scans in bucket

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Dec 16, 2007
Grand Rapids bucket/TTM IP Autos/

Ok figure maybe pictures will work to get some trades done, looking for Tigers and 08 Topps base signed. Even though would much rather trade I might consider selling since I've been having to buy alot of my 08 Topps signed lately since it seems anyone with these things signed are only intrested in selling them. Carlos Guillen and Kenny Rogers you are gonna have to come with someone I definately cannot get TTM thats a comparable player before everyone asks for them

Also have these index cards, don't have them scanned in my bucket but can if needed
Bobby Doerr
Joe Coleman
Dave Campbell
Dick Gernert
Lerrin LaGrow
Lerrin LaGrow
Ned Garver
Neil Berry
Larry "Bo" Osbourne
Steve Focault
Steve Grilli
Tom Veryzer
Jim Donohue
Jim Donohue
Jim Northrup
Jim Price
Gates Brown
Billy Hoeft
Tito Francona
Ted Lindsay
Andrei Kirilenko
Anfernee Hardaway
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Nic, What do you need for that Kirk Gibson?
Only Tigers extra I have is a C.J. Nitkowski. Its a Japanese card of his, that he sent back with my TTM.

I actually am waiting on CJ right now, Gibson is another that will fall in the non TTM category, forgot I added that one in there when posting it
I could use the Kenny Rogers, but I don't have any extra Tigers or 08 Topps autos. I have an extra Vin Scully that came in recently if you could use one of him. Obviously not a Tiger, but at least he's a HoF announcer. :D
I could use the 61 Topps Auto here for my 61 Topps project.


PCMB and LMK, thanks a lot!
yeah, I remember how tough Rogers was. I can use the Guillen, so here's the stuff I can spare (most of what I have since I get them at Tigers games or TigerFest).

* = certified from MLB (from the grab bags)

Matt Anderson - 1999 Fleer Tradition
Kenny Baugh - 2002 Topps
Brent Clevlen - 2007 Topps, ROMLB*
Deivi Cruz - ROMLB*
Adam Everett - 2002 UD Victory
Franklyn German - 2004 UD
Jason Grilli - 2006 UD
Shane Halter - 2001 Topps
Mike Hessman - 2003 SP Authentic #/2003, 2004 UD
AJ Hinch - 2000 Topps
Mike Hollimon - ROLMB
Omar Infante - ROMLB*
Jacque Jones - 2001 Topps
Gary Knotts - 2004 Topps Total
Matt Mantei - 2003 Topps, 2004 Fleer Tradition
Mike Maroth - 2003 Ultra, 2004 Topps Total
Macay McBride - 2006 UD
Craig Monroe - 2003 Fleer Tradition, 2004 Topps Total, 2007 Fleer, ROMLB*
Dean Palmer - 1993 Topps
Lance Parrish - 1992 UD
Troy Percival - 2000 Pacific
Placido Polanco - 2002 Fleer Tradition
Fernando Rodney - ROLB ask on this one
Juan Samuel - 1989 Topps
Chris Shelton - 2004 Topps Total
Chris Spurling - 2004 Topps Total
Vance Wilson - 2005 Donruss Team Heroes
Matt Walbeck - 2000 Topps
Jamie Walker - 2004 Topps Total, ROMLB*
Dmitri Young - 1993 Donruss, ROMLB*

I think I hit them all.:p
I could use the 61 Topps Auto here for my 61 Topps project.

PCMB and LMK, thanks a lot!

Only one's I'm intrested in really is Dent and Snider, already have all the Tigers that you have FT but if we can't work something out for 1 of them 2 I'd consider Kaline and Kell just for trade bait