TTM Legend in 2-26 + pc pull


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In today's mail:

Bobby Doerr
c/o Address in 'TTM Addresses'
sent: 2-19-10
rec'd: 2-26-10

Also a nice PC pull from a retail pack of Topps UFC...was looking at the pack wrapper and saw these were a red parallel which was 1 in 1,200 and something pull...this was pulled by my wife as she sometimes wants to open at least half of my packs :mad: :D
Chris Lytle - from Indianapolis, IN (a local firefighter and UFC MMA fighter! also ex-boxer)

also bought one of those junk boxes with 8 assorted packs because it was marked down to $4.99...she also pulled this nice Hallady jersey card :mad: :D is /299 but has a thick patch piece to the right of the swatch

Thanks and Happy TTMing!
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