TTM to Dominican Republic

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Aug 5, 2007
New York
Anyone ever send TTM to Dominican Republic? What would I put on the SASE for return postage?

In all honesty i would not mail a ttm to the DM. mail carriers down there make the worst of our look like saints walking on water. sstories of them burning mail is not uncommon.

it would best i foyu sent your request via ups or fedex both to and from. it will cost about 800% more this way but its the safest way to go.

First, the Dominican postal service is very unreliable (corrupt? shady?) so if you sent something from the United States chances are it may get "lost".

I have an acquaintance in the DR and he has a Miami-based courier service for any US-based mail to make it to him in Santo Domingo. He doesn't trust his postal service. Before he got the courier, he strongly recommended using a 3rd party shipper like UPS, FedEx...but if you've ever checked those prices it's prohibitive.

But then again, if you're sending a five-cent card to Stan Javier in the Dominican and you just want to see what happens, you could try an International Reply Coupon which works like return postage on a SASE. I've never tried it myself, but you could read about it here:

Good luck!