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Nov 4, 2009
Yesterday attended the opening game of UTA vs. Dallas Baptist. DBU can mash a bit as they hit 4 bombs and crushed UTA 13-2. Afterward, my little nephews got 8 customs of Michael Choice signed(4 are for Andrew &Arron and we gave Choice 2 each to keep) Also hauled in 3 NCAA foul balls from the game as well.

TTM was Adam Kennedy 3/3 c/o home arrived as did 2 Madison Bumgarner's in a great trade with Derek(89Giants). Thanks everyone for reading!!
Wow! Those look awesome! Thanx for getting some signed for me! :D I'll see if I can get out a few different ones this weekend so he wont have to sign the same stuff. Lol. Great successes tho.
thanks guys...went to DBU today to watch the second game of a double dip. it was free too. uta got smoked twice but choice had a pretty decent DH today. 4-6 1 2b 2 HR 4 BBs....lots of scouts in the stands as well. DBU has some sticks on that squad. i believe they hit 8 bombs in the 3 game graphs today but 3 more ncaa balls for the nephews.