5.00 star(s)
some ttm returns from fri & sat for my nephew Clayton...
some old Rangers here...

Don Werner 4/4

Jeff Huson 3/4

Leon Roberts 3/4 kept two included Rangers card

and one from Mike Hedlund 2/2

Hedlund went to the same high school i attended but about 30 yrs before..

He included the following note on a 3x5....
I understand you really love baseball!I,too,had a love for the game when I was your age. I playyed Optimist Little League right here in Arlington,Tx.My father once told me,"If you want to be good at baseball, you have to eat,drink and sleep baseball!"

And who knows,maybe some day you will be the person encouraging a young boy to chase his dream of baseball.

Remember,get ahead of the batter. Strike one is the most important pitch in baseball!!

Good luck Clayton & best wishes

Mike Hedlund Indians '65,'68 Royals '69-'72 AHS COLTS '62-'64

nice guy...class act

thanks for reading!!