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Nov 4, 2009
Dealing with some crazy snow here in Texas....well not crazy; but more snow then we are ever used to...

last couple of days have brought some more former players that live right around here, so quick turnarounds, no more than 10 days nephew is still clueless as to how he is getting these...:)

Danny Darwin 7/9 kept duplicates

Lamar Johnson 6/6 (one 83 D FT)

Scott Livingstone 2/2

Brad Arnsberg 3/3 plus note....

Arnsberg, the new Astro pitching coach, lives pretty close to us and he was cool enough to include this index card about pitching for my nephew(scan included)...

"1.Be honest with your coaches & yourself about how your arm feels.
2.Don't let anyone outwork you&leave it all on the field nightly.
3.Attack hitters early&often &then put them away by making them hit your pitch.
4.FB command to both sides of the plate from low thigh & below.
5.Never forget how fun baseball is."

nice stuff, i appreciate him taking the time and effort to write that......

thanks for reading!!
thanks guys!!figured i would give darwin a shot before spring training especially after seeing all the returns lately...had a bunch of his cards and after going to the banquet where darwin was presented the texas ranger alumni of the year and he also presented kershaw with an award, my nephew finally knows who Doctor Death is....:)