Twenty Good Cardinals Cards


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I'm trying something new. Many people like to have cards of 'their team' to look through, as many of us collect a team primarily (or secondarily). I'm not great with data entry, and have quite a few of each team that should be of relative interest. However, when faced with a big list, the goal is often "the big ticket piece", which I have next to no interest in surrendering.

I'm going to start going through my "A Level Bait" and pulling twenty cards in what I consider "the sweet spot". If you're a Redbirds fan, and don't like any of these, we'll have a hard time getting anything done anyway. However, none of these would kill me to trade, whereas some others in the box would.

So, to get things going, here are twenty good Cardinals cards. What I want in return is similar Cubs stuff, of guys who still have a career going. So, Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber, Anthony Rizzo, Jake Arrieta, Starlin Castro and others are in. Mike Fontenot, Brett Jackson, Junior Lake, and similar, not so much. Note that mine are rainbow/serial numbered items. I'd expect the same in return.

If you like the premise, but not the Cardinals, I plan to do more of these, and possibly replace stuff on the list to facilitate trades. Post below if you want me to roll with your team. Probably Braves, Dodgers, Giants, Red Sox, and Yankees will be next, in some order.

Adams, Matt 2012 Topps US179 Cognac Version
Carpenter, Matt 2014 Topps US258 /2014
Carpenter, Matt 2014 Topps 44 /2014
Furcal, Rafael 2013 Topps 315 /2013
Garcia, Jaime 2011 GQ 190 Mini GQ Back
Holliday, Matt 2011 Topps Chrome 130 Atomic /225
Jay, John 2013 GQ 69 Mini Black /199
Miller, Shelby 2013 Bowman 126 International Version
Miller, Shelby 2013 Topps Chrome 80 Purple Refractor
Molina, Yadier 2013 GQ 289 White Border
Mujica, Edward 2013 Topps 96 Emerald
Rosenthal, Trevor 2013 Topps 261 Emerald
Rosenthal, Trevor 2013 Topps Chrome 73 Purple Refractor
Siegrist, Kevin 2013 Topps Chrome 81 XFractor
Stone, Jake 2014 Bowman BDPP125 Ice Variation
Wacha, Michael 2014 Topps Chrome 49 Base Silver Refractor
Wacha, Michael 2014 Topps Heritage THC-407 Purple
Wainwright, Adam 2014 Topps US93 /2013
Wainwright, Adam 2014 Topps Heritage THC-100 Purple
Westbrook, Jake 2013 Topps 235 Blue Wave

And a few autograph options

Valera, Breyvic 2014 Bowman Chrome BCAP-BV /500
Wong, Kolten 2012 Bowman BPA-KW /500

I'm not a fan of burrowing through your lists, and guessing which cards you value equally with which of mine. If you want to make an offer on the Wainwrights, then have the heck at it. You know what I'm after. If you don't have any Cubs to flip for them, then the other option is similar variation/parallel Hall Of Fame stuff, including serial numbered stuff.