Twenty7 comes through

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Nov 4, 2009
Took a flyer and sent to Twenty7 Sports Bar and Grill which just recently opened in Plano. Former OF Craig Monroe is the owner and it took about two weeks...Sigs seem to match what I found on-line.

Craig Monroe 2/2

thanks for reading...
Nice success. He used to always eat at a pizza restaurant in my hometown during ST. I met him a few times, and he is a really great guy! Good Success!!
Nice man, any extra base cards of him you wouldn't mind parting with?

these were the only two cards i found of him. if i come across any, i will let you know. he just opened up two weeks ago so i would imagine it would behoove him to sign and help drum up some business(especially when he sees a Texas address :). one day i'll try to check out the place but plano is not right around the corner.

thanks everyone!
That's his signature...He played here in Puerto Rico last season and he signed for me some cards and they are an exact match.He is a very nice person and I'm sure he would be signing a lot for you guys. :)