Two huge additions to the O'Neill PC! Thanks to David K. and RGBIII

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Jun 25, 2004
New York
It is nice to end 2009 with a bang. These are probably my biggest pickups of the year. It is great and unusual for a player collector to acquire such high-end cards through trades so I was especially excited about these. If I were to buy these, it would have cost me anywhere from $150-200 total, an amount that is far beyond my hobby budget putting me out of the running for these.

2000 Stadium Club First Day Issue /150 (eBay)

2000 Black Diamond Rookie Edition Auth Pinstripes Jeter/Williams/O'Neill/100
The first of two HUGE trades. Thanks to boomo for working out a trade and ending his listing for this card. This is an old-school hand numbered card, with astronomical pulls back in 2000 and easily one of O'Neills hardest cards to find. It features three of my favorite Yankees and so this is by far my favorite GU in my PC.


2002 UD Piece of History Batting Champs Jersey Signatures PO /24
Finally, the best pickup of the year and my #1 favorite O'Neill card...which I was able to trade for here on The Bench. I would like to thank two great members who helped me acquire the card. First, David K. for his awesome Halloween Contest from which I won a Chipper Jones auto /10 that I traded for this sweet PC card. David gives away the best prizes and this was no exception! My tradebox is usually devoid of such high-end stuff and otherwise I would have had to pass up on this card.

And then I'd like to thank our new member here, RGBII for offering me this card and working with me on a trade. He is a very dedicated set builder and has been working on the 2002 UD POH set. He was gracious enough to give up this awesome auto from his own PC to help out a player collector. Thank you again Richard for the awesome trade and helping me land a huge PC card!

I was excited enough to have an opportunity to trade for this card since I had never seen one available before. This card hasn't surfaced on eBay since I started collecting O'Neill in 2005. Today when I opened the package I found another huge surprise...I realized that it was serial numbered 21/24!!! (I had seen a scan of the card but the 21 was hidden by O'Neills wristbands and hadn't caught my eye.) 21 is O'Neill's jersey number! :D So this is my first O'Neill card numbered to 21. Sorry Kevin! :cool: Usually I don't pursue those but this one fortuitously found it's way into my collection.


Thanks for looking!
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Ravi those are some beautiful cards. Congrats!

RGBII is legendary on another site...he is a great person and collector!

The other two cards are sweet as well...great way to end the year!!!
Awesome pickups as always!! Hey, isn't it about time for you to unload some of your duplicates on to me? Haha...

Congrats on the new acquisitions.
All I can say is wow! A card that has escaped my grips a few times and the other I never even saw……….I am speechless about it being 21/. You deserve them, you work hard and your well organized. Enjoy, my hunt continues.
Jonathan - Thanks!

stephj24 - Thanks Steph!

anicolausk - Thank you, I didn't know I had a following. :cool:

cardinals-colle - Thanks, Bill

jaderock - I know what you mean, this is only my first experience trading with him but he seems like a great guy. RGBIII told me that the auto I traded him for the O'Neill is heading out to yet another player collector!

abncal - Thank you!

Brodeur182 - John, glad you like the old school pickups. Most of my recent pickups have been singles so I don't know how many doubles I have added but I'll send you a list this week.

David K. - Thank you again for that Chipper! That was probably the best prize I have received to date.

siksyko - This 3 GU card is part of a mini insert set featuring Jeter memorabilia cards with different swatches (bat, jersey, hat, glove) as well as multi-player cards with guys like DiMaggio and Mantle. I had always liked this set and thought about putting it together, but for now I am content with just this one.

Yanks21 - Kevin, I was happy finding a copy of the POH but the numbering was a very nice surprise, I was also speechless when I saw it was 21. Thanks for the kind words, hope you land copies of these soon.

Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks again for the kind words.
Sounds like it went to where it belonged.

These things tend to happen, the collecting
world, while specialized and narrow, takes
care of its own.
Recall the feeling and sense of accomplishment
when a younger collector asks you in the
future, how about that "Ty Cobb" card in
your bucket?

Pay it forward.

Ravi, the pleasure was mine and I hope that
it is treasured.

Collect Hard!,