two in-person HOFer and more


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Every year Moeller High school in Cincy ohio has a signing and this year here is what i got..

orlando cepeda..signed a ball for
juan marichal..signed a ball for

both orlando and juan where in great moods and seemed like they wanted to be there

bob feller..16 x 20 signed for 10.oo..bought
c.c. sabathia..8 x 10 signed for 10.oo..bought
ticket stub from game 6 of the 1990 NLCS..5.oo..bought


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I was there also. Both those guys were great. Mr Cepeda was a little unnerved at first, the guy in front of me had a unique inscription, but he was very nice and took some time to chat with me and my wife. Mr Marichal seemed glad to see everyone.