two returns last week

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May 11, 2007
Outside Providence
Since I haven't sent many requests recently I guess I should not be surprised that I haven't gotten many returns :) but I did get two last week

First, for my Kings collection, Joe Corvo, 3/3 189 days. I had kind of written this one off because I sent it to his team, the Carolina Hurricanes, about 2 days before he was traded to Washington. When he went back to Carolina as a player for the Capitals and I did not see the cards I figured it was all done. During the off-season Corvo re-signed with the 'Canes so I guess this was still there waiting for him.


Second was a really nice return from El Presidente, Dennis Martinez. 1/1 about 2 weeks. I saw that he was signing from his post as the pitching coach for the Springfield Cardinals, so I thought I would give it a try. Needed him for my Perfect Game collection so I was super psyched to get him.

Hey Kingsfaninri
Nice pick ups
Job well done.
Looks like your collection is getting a little bigger.
Take care my Friend