Two TORN envelopes w/ autos missing today

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Aug 5, 2007
New York
Today I arrived home to find two envelopes that were torn with the autographs missing. Both were 50/50's with members on this board who generously took their time to get cards signed for me. Thanks Mmropar and Pandaboy for taking the cards to get signed. One came back in the dreaded "bodybag" and another look like someone went through the trouble of tearing it open from the side and taking the autos out while leaving the letter in the envelope.
You can go to your local P O and tell them about the situation.
The postmaster can help you with that, It is job to make sure your letters get there safe.
That sucks.

I hate those letter bodybags. Have had 2 in the past. I think you should speak to your PO as well.
I can't get to the PO until Thursday. I'll see what happens. The cards were signed cards of Dave Stewart, Dan Wilson and Damon Berryhill.