U F C 2009


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UFC 2009

16 packs per box - 8 cards per pack
'2 Autographs and 2 Memorabilia cards per box!'

At this writing, there is no info on the Topps web site for this product...

I received the following:
94 unique base cards (150 card set)

The cards have a glossy front with silver foil on each. The reverse has a synopsis of the fighters career and his more memorable fights. The photo is a full bleed photo (pic covers the entire card!)


Each pack had a parallel (non-numbered) of a base card printed on very thick stock. I received 13 unique base parallels and 1 SILVER - numbered parallel.

Chris Lytle #ed to 188

Greats of the Game
Fight Program
Photo Finish

Octagon Honor

Matt Relics

Keith Jardine
Tyson Griffin


CB Dollaway
Amir Sadollah


Another hot issue for Topps.... these have been flying off the shelves and some shops have been limiting the number of packs to each customer. Each card features an action photo of the ultimate fighters... I am impressed that a body can bend in such drastic ways! One should be able to get very close to a complete base set with 2 boxes and have some extras to trade for the 'holes' in the set.

The 2 matt relics I received are single relics and one is a 2 color relic. The parallels that are added to each pack are a nice touch - instead of a 'filler' card - we actually get a collectible card... Thank you.

The autos are both sticker blue Sharpee autos... the cards are designed for the auto.

Of the inserts that I received - the Bloodline insert is the coolest looking.

Overall grade A+ no dupes, no filler cards!!

Go buy several boxes and send the Triple Matt Relics to me!!

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Is this set a continuance of the first set as far as number wise? or would it not be worth my time to start newly on this set. Anybody?


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Sevens - the numbering is new on this set and is not a continuance of another set. If you wanted to start - rock and roll.

Thrill - Hughes and Penn are yours.



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wow the autos look pretty cool...i like how they did the grey scale thing to better highlight the person signing...i'm going to have to try to find a box or two of this.