U F C Finest


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U F C Finest

One Master box - 2 mini boxes - 6 packs per mini and 5 cards per pack
'6 Autos or Relic Cards in Every Master Box'

I received these:

38 base

Check out the advertising and the beard.... can one pull your opponent's beard legally? UFC Finest is a premium issue. Each card is mirror-like - highly reflective with HD action photos. The reverse has the fighter's stats, their weight class and a write up on their career.


Silver Sparkle
Blue Sparkle (#ed to 188)

7 silver sparkles
3 blue sparkles

Gold Sparkle (#ed to 88)

Joseph Benavidez
Raphael Assuncao

Finest Moment

John Dodson #ed to 188
Ryan Jimmo #ed to 88


Cormier (#ed to 188)

Which one of these fellers would you like to 'run in to'?????


Sara McMann

Blue Sparkle #ed to 188
Quinton Jackson --- yes, Meliah, you may have the card!
Georges St. Pierre

Rashad Evans - Gold #ed to 88

Finest Threads
John Makdessi

Finest Fans (#ed to 99)
Tim 'Skyscrape' Katz

Possibly one of the coolest sigs I have ever seen....


Ultimate Fighting has dominated the fight sports. This issue is very well produced. The set collector will need to pick up several master boxes to complete the base set and the fighter collector will have a number of parallels to chase. The could be some parallels numbered to less than 88 - I did not receive any of them if they exist. Relatively sure there are printing plates and most probably signed plates as well.

I like the size of the relics on the relic cards. I would prefer relics of fight worn gear than relics of a fight used mat.... but maybe that's just me.

I really like the Victory cards. These dudes look mean and the cards capture it well.

Skyscrape's auto is sideways on the sticker - it's really a cool auto.

Overall grade A

Go buy several master boxes and send the Victory cards to me!



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Nice review Duane!

While I do like Jackson I don't collect him--I collect Jon "Bones" Jones and Alexander "The Mauler" Gustafsson:)


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Very nice reveiw that's an awsome looking silvia victory but I like the relic Sarah McMann any chance its still collecting dust?