Review U S Olympic and Paralympic

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U S Olympic and Paralympic

24 packs - 8 cards per pack
3 hits per box - 1 autograph, relic, and commemorative relic card

I received these:
74 base cards (no card #47) 99% of the 75 card set and 47 dupes

US Olympic and Paralympic issue is a good issue to get one into the Olympics. The cards are printed on white stock with a glossy front and matte back. The regular base cards have the Olympic symbol in the bottom left corner with the Olympian's name and specialty on the right hand side.

The reverse has the athlete's personal stats as well as a write up of their history in their chosen sport.


Gold // Silver // Bronze

8 gold
12 silver
24 bronze

Olympic Discipline // Closing Ceremony

Olympic Discipline -- 6x
Closing Ceremony - 1x


Conor Dwyer - bronze #ed to 75
Holley Mangold

Manufactured Relic

Maya Moore #ed to 99


Haley Anderson
Mariel Zagunis - bronze #ed to 50

Both autos are sticker autos and both look great!


The Olympic issue is a good issue for the individual that wants to 'be more of a part' of the Olympics. One can pull for those athletes whose gold, silver or bronze cards you have. You can also see some of the disciplines/sports and the athletes that are represented that one normally does not see - i.e. fencing, weight lifting, judo, to name just a few.

I felt that I was fortunate with 2 relics, 2 autos and one commemorative patch in this box.

Overall grade A- should have been able to complete the set....

Go pick up a box or three and see if you can pull one of the commemorative cards of your favorite athlete.



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Staff member
Duane -
Thanks for the review, cards look nice. Always nice to see some of the other sports in a set.


5.00 star(s)

Starting to collect Olympics cards as well. Do you have any dupes from the base set?

Please PM me your email so I can send you my full tradelist. You seem to have so many cards I could use! :-|