Ugh! What Is Wrong With My Mailman?!

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Jul 27, 2009
Wichita Falls, TX
Ok. This is getting ridiculous... Two of my last three successes have ended up at my wonderful neighbors across the street. Honestly, do we not screen our postal workers to make sure they can read before we give them a job?! I think they pick them by the same method they pick umpires these days... Ok. Sorry for that rant, sometimes you just have to get it out. Lol.

Dan Plesac 4/5 c/o MLB Network (Kept 1, I offered him whatever he wanted)



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I wouldn't put the blame on the mail carrier as they just take the bundle of mail out of the truck and put it in the box. It's more the sorter's fault at the main branch as they are the one's who bundle up the mail for the carrier.

Anyway, that's a pretty awesome success. How long did it take? I plan on sending to a few of those guys over there one of these days. Congrats bud!
Ok. Thanks for the info waterboy. I would like to formally apologize to mail carriers. Lol. All I know is that it's somebody's fault. Sorry I guess I forgot to put the time it took in that post as well. It took 36 days. :D Thanks for the feedback everyone!