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Just combining the sticky threads we already have into one thread.


Download the League Folder :

IF that link doesnt wwork, you may have to type out the URL exactly as you see it above, With the capital letters and spacing in "The Bench Sim League.lg.zip" part.

Once it is downloaded, You can right click the zipped folder > extract all> Choose the following directory to extract the files too:
My Documents> Out of The Park Developments > OOTP Baseball 12 > Saved Games

Once you have the extracted folder in the saved games folder, You can open the software and open the league > You will then need to "Check for updated league file" at that point you should be good to go.

BSL Rule Changes regarding Trading. VERY important, all owners read!(Info on Cash)

Nick and I have discussed some changes that need to be made to simplify the trading process on our end, as well as allow it to open up a bit more for all teams in the league. Therefore, we are going to the following system, effective immediately, on a PROBATIONARY basis. If it works out well, it will be implemented permanently.

1. The 'trade committee' is dissolved effective immediately. All current "Trade Liaison" positions will effectively become a 2nd League President for the remainder of the term (this season).

2. Trades will no longer be able to be challenged. Nick and I will handle all trade review internally. IF we raise suspicion on a questionable trade, our decision will be final and absolute, with no ability to appeal.

3. We are going to allow cash in trade transactions for the first time. This will NOT be abused or it will be taken away quickly. The current guideline (modifiable in the future) is no more than 5 million in any specific deal, and no more than 10 million total from any given team during a season. You MUST have the cash on hand to include it in a trade!

All cash involved in trades must be rounded to the nearest 500k. The minimum cash that can be involved in a trade is 500k as well.

Most importantly regarding cash trades is that the team receiving cash MUST be sending an active roster player with a MLB contract to the other team. Large market teams cannot 'buy' prospects without taking some active roster player as well.

Small market teams...remember, short term fixes are NOT how you will win. Prospects and the long term is how you sustain a solid run in this league.

4. As per previous, there will be no waiver trading and no trading of draft picks.

5. The Sign and Trade clause regarding extensions is still going to be enforced.

6. Any new owner will not be allowed to trade for 2 weeks REAL time, in the hopes that they will acclimate to the league and trading processes before making bad decisions.

The general idea of these changes is to streamline trade processing for Nick, allow teams in financial difficulties to obtain some sort of ability to acquire cash, as well as save time for all involved. A lot of trade review was taking place on what was 'basic' trades, whereas some major, largely-unbalanced trades didn't get challenged in any way. We want to implement a set of rules that holds each team accountable not only for their own roster, but accountable to be respectful of the league and make solid outbound trade offers as well.


BSL Rule Change: Sign & Trade

Effective immediately.

Fiscal season runs last day of world series to same day the following year.

Due to the massive amount of unrealistic sign and trades in the league, the following is set forth.

Any player signed to an extension may not be traded in the same fiscal year the extension is signed without accuring a cash penalty to the trading team. The league will confiscate 50% of the first year of the extension in penalty cash when the trade is processed. This only applies to the team that made the extension offer. The penalty is not assessed to further trades.

Example. David price signs 19il x 4 w tex traded to mariners. Texas would may 9.x in penalties

This is our new OFFICIAL policy on Teams who run out of Money.

This system starts in 2008 and is a clean slate, 2007 was our first year in a new software and with a few new owners, so starting 1/1/2008 (In game Date) this is our policy for Teams who Run Negative Balance at the end of the season.

I reserve the right to tweak this system, hopefully we wont have to, but again, as this is still a learning process we may have to make some minor changes here in the future.


1). A team that runs a negative balance starting in the 2008 season will be penalized their 1st Round Draft Pick in the subsequent draft

2.) A team that runs a negative balance in 2 Consecutive seasons, will be penalized 1st and 2nd round Draft Picks in the subsequent draft to the extent of their financial problem. In compensation for the loss of draft picks, to try and right this ship, that team will receive money infussion based on their Power rankings at the end of the World Series sim. 1st and 2nd round (rookie draft) draft picks will be lost. A team will fall into 1 of three Power Rank categories here, 1-10, 11-21, or 22-32. The team will receive the following compensation for the loss of draft picks, 1-10 -$5 Million 1st Round/$2 Million 2nd round, 11-21 - $8 Million 1st Round/$3 Million 2nd Round, 22-30- $12 Million 1st Round/$4 Million 2nd Round.

3). Running a 3rd Consecutive year with a Cash negative balance will result in a Vote By the Commish and 2 league presidents as to whether the owner made enough effort to try and dig themselves out and result in either keeping on "Financial Probation" or possibly removal from the league, but the long term impact to minor league talent should present enough of an incentive for many to get a handle quicker on their financials.

BSL Luxury Tax change for next year (Owners: READ)

The luxury tax threshold will be lowered for next season.

Instead of the taxable cap being 140% of the league average salary, it will now be 115% of the league average.

The tax rate itself will remain at 40%.

What this means:

1. The 30 payrolls are averaged out over the season (not at any particular point)
2. The AVERAGE payroll is the basis for the tax.
3. Any team that has 115% payroll OVER the average will have that amount subject to tax (40%)


Say the League Average Payroll is 100 million
Royals run a 125 million payroll next year
115% of 100 million is 115 million.
Taking 125 minus the 115, that means 10 million would be subject to luxury tax.
10 million x 40% = 4 million in luxury tax due at the end of the year to the revenue sharing pool.

ALL of the taxes are combined into one pool and EVENLY distributed to the bottom 15 teams.

THIS CHANGE IS BEING MADE TO HELP THE LOWER MARKET TEAMS. It is inherently unfair for a team to have a 50 million salary and expect to compete against a 125 million salary. This doesn't do much to fix the issue (it happens in real life as well) but it does throw a bone to the small market teams, when every dollar counts twice as much.

Nick - I need you to implement the change in the software for next sim. League Options / Financials / 140 threshold to 115 (make sure to hit enter to save it).

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This has been updated to reflect the proper link for the zip in the initial post. Please remember after you extract the zip file and load the league, you need to "check for updated league files" which will catch the zip up with the current league itself.