Umpire blown call turns Giants win into defeat


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I saw the game on TV and was sick to my stomach after seeing the umpire call Ishikawa out when it was clear as day he was safe. Even more disturbing was the umpires' comment after the game (see 2nd link):

Immediately after the game, Cuzzi said that he had not yet seen the replay. "I'll look at it, but I figured I'd eat first," he said, laughing. "He made a decent attempt to put the tag on him. That's what it looked to me, and that's why I called him out."

How do you call someone out just because the catcher was making an attempt to tag someone out??? Do you not check to see if the runner stepped on homeplate 1st before the tag???


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David K.

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Bad call and Giants lose. We also had a few bad calls this year and we losed to the mariners on a bad call. Best regards, David