Utica, NY card show Sunday Oct 14,


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I am posting info about a card show card show in New Hartford, NY (A suburb of Utica) this Sunday on the slim chance that someone in the upstate NY area may be interested in going. Jay Novacek, former TE of the Dallas Cowboys, is the guest signer.


To show the decline of the sports card hobby, this is the first show in the Utica area in over a decade! I'm a fair distance from Utica but I knew of at least 6 card stores (5 which were within walking distance from each other) in the 1990s and early 2000s and there were card shows in that area on at least a monthly basis. Now I don't know of any card stores there except for the one putting on this show and I have no idea where it is! Obviously, according to the above advertisement, card shows are non existent there these days in the greater Utica area.

If anyone is in that area, you finally have a local card show to attend. An on the flip side this now rare event really illustrates the sharp decline of the hobby.


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Mixed emotions for me. I'm no where close to NY so no intention of going to this, but it does bring back the memories. Most shows in Illinois are upstate (Chicago area) but there are a few in St. Louis. Seems they are always scheduled when I do not have the chance to go though.

I do miss the shows and definitely the card shops. Being able to go and just talk sports, make a purchase and trade. Just the overall camaraderie. Those were the days!

But on the other hand.......the internet.......boy-o-boy what would I do without it? Makes it sooooo easy to find that card I've been searching for! There are some great people/great traders on the internet as well. I do hate waiting on mail, but when it arrives........CHRISTMAS!!

I don't know. Mixed emotions. I do feel what you're saying though.


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We're really fortunate here in Louisville. There are at least 3 shops just on one side of town and 2 are REALLY good shops. We have a show about every six weeks in Louisville and one an hour away in Lexington that is the longest running monthly card show in the U.S. On top of that just 2 hours away there is a nice regional show twice a year.

I've heard of the decline in the hobby, but here in Louisville, it is still going strong.

Hope the best for the Utica show. Stayed there while visiting the HOF last year.


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Wasn't even there an hour and left. Spent a total of $7 ($3 was the admission price). Too much prospect junk for my liking. Was hoping to get some set help and maybe a few packs and supplies but no table had any. Glad Tom brought shows back locally and hope he gets a wider selection of dealers for the next one.