Very long read!!! Question on the 1998 Leaf Fractals

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Sep 15, 2005
I need some help here. I am down to needing one of the seven 1998 Leaf Fractals listed for Paul O’neill. I can see already that the print runs for Beckett are not accurate. These are the ones listed.

1998 Leaf Fractal Diamond Axis #118 Paul O'Neill S# 50 $20.00
1998 Leaf Fractal Foundations #118 Paul O'Neill S# 3999 $3.00
1998 Leaf Fractal Materials #118 Paul O'Neill PX S# 3050 $2.00
1998 Leaf Fractal Materials Die Cuts #118 Paul O'Neill PX S# 200 $10.00
1998 Leaf Fractal Materials Z2 Axis #118 Paul O'Neill P S# 20 $50.00
1998 Leaf Fractal Matrix #118 Paul O'Neill BX 1600 $2.00
1998 Leaf Fractal Matrix Die Cuts #118 Paul O'Neill BX 400 $6.00

This is the one I do not have in my collection:
1998 Leaf Fractal Materials Die Cuts #118 Paul O'Neill PX S# 200 $10.00

Beckett lists this as a print run of 200. Is Beckett correct with the print run? The reason I ask is I picked up a card described as the title of this card and it is die cut but numbered to 3250 and I do know have one like this. Beckett also describes the set as follows:

1998 Leaf Fractal Materials Die Cuts #118 Paul O'Neill PX
Set Information
Leaf Fractal Materials Die Cuts
This 200-card set is a die-cut parallel version of the Leaf Fractal Materials set. The first 200 cards of 75 players printed on plastic, 15 printed on leather, five printed on nylon, and five printed on wood have a die-cut x-axis background. The first 100 cards of 20 players printed on plastic, 25 printed on leather, 10 printed on nylon and five printed on wood have a die-cut y-axis background. The first 50 cards of five players printed on plastic, 10 printed on leather, 15 printed on nylon, and 10 printed on wood have a die-cut z-axis background. Each card is sequentially numbered. Card number 42 does not exist. Only 200 of each x-axis were produced, 100 of each y-axis and 50 of each z-axis were produced. Serial numbering on the actual cards is misleading because the non die cut Fractal Materials and the Die-Cut Fractal Materials were numbered prior to being die cut.

My question I guess is:

Is there any of these serial numbered to 200 or is this listed wrong and I have the titled card and the print run was 3250????
I think you have the right card. I have an old SCD price guide from 2003 which has similar commentary to yours:

"The serial numbers on the backs of the die cut cards are meaningless because they were printed prior to the die cut fracture. This compounds the confusion engendered among collectors which has had a significant dampening effect on demand and, thus, market values."

Also, if you search on ebay, most show the 3250 serial numbering.

Hope this helps.
I have been slowing working on the fractal materials die-cut set and I have about 10-12 of them in my collection.

What I have noticed is that the lowest serial #'s tend to be the die-cuts.

So the card is serial #'d to 3250, but only the first 200 are die-cut. The serial #'s may not link up exactly to be the first 200, but it seems to me that it is almost always the lowest #'d.


I have come across this several times. With over 10,000 cards in my baseball pc and over 4000 in my football pc and over 22,000 cards listed I have found approx. 100 cards that had the wrong serial #.
The print run Beckett gives is correct. The first "x" cards of the print run are the die cuts. Here is an example;

Ok then, That settles it. This just did not sink in with me for a while for some reason but now it makes sense. I guess I can mark another one off my list!
1998 Leaf Fractal Materials Die Cuts #118 Paul O'Neill PX S# 200 $10.00

Thanks everyone for helping me understand! Happy to mark this one off!
I really like this set for its confusing variety. In case you haven't noticed, x-axis die cuts are die cut on the horizontal boarders, y-axis die cuts on the vertical, and z-axis on both. In addition, there's a z2 (I think it's technically "z squared") axis die cut which features a couple more cuts than the standard z-axis. The z2 is limited to and numbered to 20. I have both z-axis die cut variations of edgar martinez, a nylon variation:


And if it means anything to you, I did not write the stickers on the holders.