Vintage/current definition(s)

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Feb 4, 2005
south jersey
Just wondering what the cut off(year)is,to be considered vintage.
Is it different depending on whether we're talking about cards,
player autos,memorabilia,etc.
Seems to me that 1970 used to be line as far as cards were conserned?
As time goes on,does this change?
We settled on pre-1980 for this site. There was discussion whether Mantle's last year's card (1969) ended an era for what would be considered vintage, the year of Mays' last card (1973) also could be considered for the fact that it also was the last for cards released in multiple series. Cards from the 1980's were so overproduced that you can't really call anything there vintage. It seems people are willing to build out those 1970's sets, so much more than the 1980's that you really are talking two distinct eras of set collecting.
I always considered anything before 1980 was vintage

Of course there is an exception when you consider Fatboycards. Is he Vintage or Ancient
Just my opinion
On eBay, vintage is anything older than the current year.
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well to me vintage is is 1985..haha (im only 16)...but card wise i usual consider vintage being 1979 or older.