Vintage Hockey & Football (NFL) Pennants FT/FS


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NFL are Canton I and Canton II models some with tags still attached. For those of you wondering the difference, Canton I models are from 1967 and had 1 bar across the helmet. Canton II models are from 1969/70 and have 2 bars across the helmet. No clue for the hockey ones. Not my sport. Price is $5 but negotiable. Trade for Yu-Gi-Oh, and for Vintage MLB.

For one it is $7 because I have to buy tubes. If you don't mind creases that price can drop to $4.50 as long as I have enough large bubble's. If you want a few of them, I can ship them in large bubbles (again if you don't mind creases) but if you want like 5+ I'll have to find a box, shipping would be close to $10-$15 I would imagine at that size due to the awkward dimensions. We can work on it, just email me and we can go from there.
49ers SOLD, Colts SOLD, Cincinnati Bengals (Both Canton I)
New York Giants, New Orleans Sants (Both Canton I) And 1993 Municipal Stadium Pennant (before it was destroyed)
New York Jets, Washington Redskins, L.A. Rams (All Canton II)
Oakland Raiders (Canton I), Atlanta Falcons (Canton II), Vancouver Blazers
San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Cardinals, Detroit Lions (All Canton I)
Minnesota Fighting Saints, Indianapolis Racers, Denver Spurs, Bowling Green Mini Pennant
New England Patriots (Canton I), Pro Football HOF Pennant (1967), Kansas City Chiefs (Canton II)
New England Whalers (Pre-Hartford), Chicago Cougars, San Diego Mariners
Winnipeg Jets, Calgary Cowboys, Houston Aeros
Cincinnati Stingers, Phoenix Roadrunners, Alberta (Edmonton) Oilers
Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings (All Canton I)
Dolphins SOLD, Philadelphia Eagles (Canton I), Houston Oilers (Canton I)
Michigan Stags, Toronto Toros, Quebec Nordiques

If there are problems with the pictures let me know. Not sure if this is allowed, back in the old school Bench we were only allowed to use Photobucket but I hate their site...
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