Vintage set question for you guys

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Ellis Shoe

Jul 24, 2006
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Ridgeland, MS
Hey everyone, my friend has a 1960 Topps complete set. He is looking to sell it as he says he has no need for it. He actually put together the set from packs all except the high numbers that he ended up getting at shows, etc later on. The condition of the set is incredible to me. He wants me to list it for him on ebay since he doesnt have an account. He wants a minimum of about 2 grand for it which leads me to my question. Do you think he can realistically get about that or more for it?
BV of the set at NRMT condition is $5,000 so he should be able to get that. Vintage cards tend to sell better on eBay than modern ones. I wish I had a couple thousand dollars. :)
It probably won't net as much, but you might also check with buyers like Kit Young, Bill Henderson, Mike Wheat, Wayne Varner, etc and some of the other larger card dealers. They are usually buying stuff like that readily. Remember they are buying to resell, so you will have to factor in their profit, but then again they are probably buying to break it up too which may get a better price. If nothing else, it gives you an idea of what a national dealer would pay.

They are easy to find and online. Example:
if the key cards are high grade I'd have those PSA graded, you might get lucky.
For vintage, you might want to register on the forum and ask about interests there. That board is 95% vintage collectors, many with very deep pockets.