WADEd a little less for this!

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Jan 17, 2010
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Fort Myers, Florida
Mr. Boggs is on a roll! This is the 2nd time I sent to him with success in the last 4 weeks. After I got him a week ago I sent out a SASB (Self Addresses Stamped Box) to him with a ceremonial baseball of his that I got at a Devil Rays game years ago. It has pictures of him and his stats on it. He signed the sweet spot of the ball for me. I was so happy.
Thats awesome, I sent a couple cards out yesterday, hoping to catch him while he's signing. I live in fla too. So hoping for a quick success myself!!
still waiting on mine from May, and not going to send another out (yet).

A cool item to send though.
Thanks guys! He is signing very good now, so if you have sent to him recently you should probably get them back signed soon !
unique item, sure that there aren't too many of those signed congrats....waiting for my cards too
Same here I am still waiting on mine to comeback from May.
awesome success i think boggs hates me i sent to him twice w no success