WADEing for this card to get signed

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Jan 17, 2010
Fort Myers, Florida
This was a great success. I found this card in my piles of cards a year or two ago, and I thought it was an awesome card. I sent it to Mr. Boggs about 8 days ago and I received it signed today.
I now have a Tampa Bay DevilRays stadium giveaway Wade Boggs baseball, that I got a few years ago, that I need to send to him. :D
-Sorry the picture is so big, Technology is not my friend.
congrats..I got the Boggs back that i sent Like a month or so ago back..But still have one I send to him like a year ago that i have not gotten back..So if your going to send to him I say try it soon..
I think I'm 1 for 3 with Wade Boggs.But at least I have had a success.Hopefully everyone else will get a success.