Wander /71 Black Topps RC — Best Offer Gets It!!!

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Mar 18, 2022
Sedona AZ
FLASH SALE Wander Black RC /71 — Best offer gets it!!!

Hey everyone, I am selling this Wander Franco 2022 Topps Black RC. It’s a beautiful card. Only flaw is the top right corner is a little soft — there is one on eBay right now that is a PSA 9 with a similar bottom left corner. No way to say for sure but I think it would grade out at 9 or possibly even a 10 as PSA and BGS tend to be more forgiving on black cards (there are no 10’s on PSA currently so if you get lucky, this will be the only one). That is the only flaw I can see on the card.

The card has been guaranteed authentic by eBay and comes in an attractive rigid folder from them. I need to do a quick sale on this one due to some house repairs and an upcoming medical procedure. There are only 71 of these and we all know how much a Trout black rookie is worth now. Great investment for you!!!

I will send it via priority mail with insurance (no cost to you). Signature will be required. I will only accept PayPal due to the anticipated price. My preference is Friends and Family but if you need to do it as a purchase that’s fine — just keep in mind that will affect how low I can go on price b/c I will have fees then.

So now the fun part — what am I charging for it? Well, if I get an offer I can’t refuse, it will sell instantly to YOU. Beyond that, I am going to take the best offer….so throw your hat in the ring, you never know!!!

***I need cash for it so please don’t offer a trade***

***Keep in mind I also have a signed, authenticated Mike Trout bat for sale! Would love to make a deal for both with the right person***

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Who wants this card? It has sold for as much as $2700 on ebay but i would take MUCH less….need $$ for house projects and my wife’s surgery….PLMK!!!!
I have interest but poor Wander is now hurt so his prices are dropping.
true….but he’s 20 years old and will be a superstar for years to come…
look what happened to Vladdy’s cards once he put it all together last year.
What were you thinking for an offer?
What’s your bottom dollar price delivered. Any time i make an offer to people I offend them.
Thanks - given the recent lower comps on ebay and the injury, i'd be substantially lower than that. It is a very nice card and has a lot of future potential for sure.
@cjay101 What would be your best offer? I’m not going to be offended. Either I’ll say yes, no or counter. I think getting offended over our HOBBY is dumb and those who take offense are taking it WAY too seriously 😂
I'm curious why you are selling after holding for only a couple of weeks. Like cjay101 said, unfortunately with his injury it's a horrible time to sell. You're probably better off waiting until he returns and puts up some stats.
Asking more b/c first of all, it’s ebay certified now; the top right corner is not nearly what it looked like in the ebay listing; and I got a smoking deal on it in the first place.
Anyway it’s moot b/c he’s hurt and no one wants to buy a cool Player. I do appreciate the interest.
Guys, thanks for all your replies. I think it is best to hold it for now. I got a great deal on it and I had intended to keep it long term, but things changed and I could have used the cash. The problem is, most of my cards are pack pulled or from trades I worked hard on so I don’t like to sell them. The cards I buy for investment I am not attached to in the same way. At any rate, he’s only 20 and if he hits it as big as they think he will in a couple years, I will regret selling it anyway. Appreciate everyone’s feedback; I think with the injury there is no way to recoup the investment right now. We’ll talk again in a few years perhaps!