Wanted Aaron Sele and Omar Vizquel 2000 Focus manias #d to 300


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Wanted to pay (pay $2 each and sase at my risk) the following 2000 Fleer Focus Masterpiece mania cards #d to 300
1(Nomar Garciaparra)
69(Doug Glanville)
88(Tony Womack)
103(Joe McEwing)
107(Jim Thome)
113(Omar Vizquel)
117(Aaron Sele)
134(Jeff Bagwell)
146(Bobby Abreu)
209(Warren Morris)
214(Neife Perez)
236(Wily Mo Pena)
238(Vernon Wells)
240(Adam Kennedy)
247(Eric Munson)
248(A Soriano)
250(Josh Beckett)

up to 3 of each
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