Washington Nationals...cards from the break of 2020 DEEE


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Received the cards today from a full case break of 2020 Elite Extra Hobby Baseball, of which I had the 2019 World Champion Washington Nationals. I knew I was getting four autos, from watching the break live, but didn't really know the prospects. I guess I did all right, since the Nationals was one of cheapest teams to pick up.
So, whenever these get listed on Beckett (2022?) They'll be available for trade for cards in my signature or to purchase.

So will do the numbered cards by player and then the ones by initials.

22 Overall Cade Cavalli 1Base 872/999 2 Decade Die-Cut 75/999 3 Prime Number Auto 116/226 4 College Ticket CC

71 Samuel Infante 1 Base 569/999 2 Prime Number A 19/185 3 Prime Number A 75/185 4 Prime Number 18/61

95 Holden Powell Decade Die-Cut 196/999

130 Brady Lindsly Base 525/999

160 Mitchell Parker Base 786/999

Cole Henry 1 17U USA Materials 25/49 2 College Ticket LSU Prizm

Jackson Coutts Two Hidden Gems Auto UofRI

Junior Martinez Hidden Gems Auto

Probably going to break my third box of 2020 DEEE tomorrow. Then, if any one is interested, I am going to do a couple of group breaks. First will be a box of 2020-21 Prizm College Draft Basketball Mega, someone will get an auto. Second, break, will be two Mega boxes of 2020 Prizm Draft Baseball with 2 autos available.

The basketball will have ten sports available (per Grappler's fine example) and will be (depending on how many people seem interested) either 10 spots for 3 teams or if more are interested 15 spots for 2 teams at $10.
The baseball will have 9 spots plus myself at $25 for the 3 team randomized picks. Still learning how to use either youtube live of FaceBook live. Hopefully, one of the Mikes will be available to help.
Thanks Bob

David K.

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I would stay away from those types of breaks.....the 2020 Topps Update Chrome look pretty and maybe a better choice.....and of course the 2021 Topps in February 10.....Best regards, David