Weird pull

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Jan 15, 2008
Orion Arm
I stopped by WallyWorld for some stuff and picked up a rack Pack of A&G.I opened up in my car from the back with a pen knife and the first card on the bottom half was a bazooka red mini turned sideways along the bottom.It wasn't damaged either,.
The rest of the pack was a normal rack pack,the other mini in it's normal spot.
I have busted some rack packs but have never seen this ever happen with a mini,.

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lucky it wasn't bent...i opened a rack pack from wallyworld the other day and i pulled a jordin sparks (american idol) shirt relic card. ya woohoo - i know - i was pretty stunned like are you serious????!!!
but anyways there was a monsters of the mesozoic mini card that was literally wrapped around the relic card at a diagonal angle with one of the corners bent around the edge of the relic card.
nice pull though on the bazooka red mini card!
who was it?


#28 Felipe Lopez 15/25

Second one I pulled out of this one store and I've spent 30 bucks so far,and yes I was amazed that it wasn't damaged by me when opening,first thing I thought when I saw it,.
I wonder sometimes if I have it a "Hot Zone" in the retail market with this product.I've seen it happen before with earlier product,.

I bought one rack pack at Wal-Mart and pulled a Jeff Francis AUTO. Maybe I should go back for the rest..........