Well, I'm aboard

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Sep 11, 2010
Alexandria VA

My name is Thom and I have been a member of the Team Collectors for quite a while -- since it began actually. I am a Cardinals team collector and I see many of my friends here -- Benson, Buddy and Paul for a few.

I primarily buy cards, but have sold one in 10 years of collecting. I collect the older St. Louis Browns and Washington Senators. I have most of the Topps cards from 1955 and earlier, and a lot of the Bowmans and Topps back to 1950, as they exist.

I'm an older guy, who remembers a lot of the 40s and 50s players. I remember Enos Slaughter as a Yankee and Early Winn and others. I guess Ken Boyer was a rookie when I got into collecting baseball cards. Sadly, my father burned them when I was in the Navy. Lots of great old stuff went up in smoke.

I am very pleased to be accepted to the Bench, and as soon as I figure out how the site works, I should be more active. It is great to be with you.

Kindest regards,
The Ironman

(Oh, a bit about the name. I got that from a friend because I have a blood problem of too much iron. Hence, the Ironman. No relationship to Mr. Gerhig.)
Welcome Thom from another Navy veteran. (1961-1965)
You will enjoy the Bench. It is a great place to trade. A lot of vintage traders.