Well Mr. Turner, I've changed me mind. I'll steal you some more from ST!

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
Captain Jack Sparrow had collected his booty and shared it with me today. I think that Monday was just party favors, but good ones at that! (All 9 days from ST)

Hideki Okajima 1/1

Mr. T's comment: I wish I had more to send him, but I only had the one. Great signer and is like the only known Red Sox to sign. Gotta love his head crushing delivery too.

Alfredo Figaro 2/2

Mr. T's comment: He has great potential for those who haven't seen him pitch yet. Solid #4 starter in the future, and I like the name Figaro.

Matt LaPorta 1/1

Mr. T's comment: That guy traded for CC Sabathia, and my first ROY candidate/top prospect to come back. Sweetness!

Ryan Feierabend 2/2

Mr. T's comment: The Mariners need to give this guy more opportunities, but don't have much to say on him here.

Jacob Turner 1/2 (kept 1)

Mr. T's comment: Keeping one I'll sacrifice for my future Tiger! Another top prospect that will be in the MWL, so I might see him this year when he plays the Loons.

Fu-Te Ni 1/2 (returned other)

Mr. T's comment: Funkiest signature ever for those who have never seen it. My parents even gave that card a second glance. Cool looking for sure, but probably got my letter translated because I don't think he knows much English.

Mike Rabelo 3/3

Mr. T's comment: Disappointed we traded him two years ago, but we got him back from Florida. He must've really liked what I said, because I've seen him sign 1/3 for some people.

Dan Schlereth 2/2

Mr. T's comment: Last one, finally. I like this guy as a future closer/set up man. I plan on sending one of these to his dad (NFL player Mark Schlereth) to complete the Father/Son card. It's very cool, trust me.

A few are available and will be added to my trade list later this week.
Thanks to Cpt. Sparrow, I'm already at 9/50 for ST, and only after 9 days. I'll settle for 30, but won't complain with more. I'm adding a Figaro, Feierabend, and 2 Rabelo's to the trade stuff if somebody needs those guys.