West Tenn vs MBraves

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Ellis Shoe

4.90 star(s)
Jul 24, 2006
Ridgeland, MS
Well, Dustin Ackley has not been a very nice guy at all. I asked him last night and he just yelled no at me without ever even looking towards me. Today he did 1/2 while boldly telling me he WAS NOT going to do both. I still don't understand people who feel like they have to be rude. Just tell me no....I have had it happen before, just don't like him thinking he needs to be nasty with it. Anyways, here are the rest of what I got:

Alex Liddi 7/7
Carlos Triunfel 1/1
Guillermo Quiroz 4/4
Tim Laker 2/5
Lance Painter 2/2
Andy Fox 4/4
And as mentioned before Dustin Ackley 1/2

**EDIT: Just realized this was my 1,000th post, which is pretty cool, or it means I talk too much!! :)
Ackley was cool when I met him here, weird. He signed three for me and didn't complain about it at all. Nice day at the ballpark! :) I wanna come up for a game sometime.
Definitely come on up. Let me know when you are coming and I will show you all the good auto spots :). Its an easy park to get autos in.
it looks like all the attention may start getting to dustin. i can only imagine how many ttm requests he has been receiving... plus in the southern league, i'm sure he is one of the more coveted targets amongst the "pro" auto dealers(and i'm definitely not saying you are one of the sellers! :) sorry you had a bad experience with him, the couple of times i have sent to him ttm, he has been rock solid. i know he(like many others) have started personalizing a lot of their ttm's...

good job though!!
congrats on the successes.....How is Liddi playing? He tore it up in the California League last season

He is doing pretty good. Batting around 280 I believe and has about 24-25 RBI. He was really nice. I had those 7 for him and he signed then and lifted the page and asked me where the rest were lol. I was glad to get him on his WBC card too as I really think those are cool.