What are these sellers thinking?!

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Oct 1, 2007
Coldspring, TX
Looking over Ebay last night for a Ripken auto and found a listing with no pic but title stated 'a little damaged'. I sent him a message and asked for a pic and he sent me one (at bottom of thread). I also went through his other listings and found these-

36 Jersey Cards-A bargain at $99.99 :rolleyes: :eek: :mad:
Shipping charge

15 Rookie cards for a penny!!

WOW, what a deal

That Nick Swisher Letterman auto you've been looking for is just a penny!

LowLow Shipping

Thought some of you would get a chuckle. I played with the photo with an editor and it appears that a big chunk of the card is gone. I have asked him to send me a better pic..............

Original pic he sent-

Same pic edited-am I seeing things or is part of the card missing?
Follow the bottom edge from right to left. Sorry it's so small.


Another seller has a David Wright 'auto' up. I sent a message to this one as well mentioning it's a 2002 vs 2001, facsimile vs authentic auto. Very courteous reply stating that 'yes, the card is from 2002 but the picture of him is from 2001' and so on.
Wright 'auto'
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$100 Dollars Shipping on the rookie cards
$350 on the Game used
$22 on the swisher.

I needed a good laugh today.
This kid has got to be kidding
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they are probably hoping the buyer does not see the shipping commitment and hoping to trick them!