What Beckett(s) do I need?

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Jun 9, 2010
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Gastonia NC
My last baseball Beckett is dated 2001 and my last football Beckett is even older. I'm confused about the Becketts that are out now.

I need a Beckett for baseball and football that shows me each and every parallel and insert set, what their ratio is (or s#), and an idea of pricing even though I know to take their prices with a grain of salt.

What Beckett(s) do I need, how often are they produced, and when does the next one(s) come out?

Thanks for your help!
Your best bet is paying $6 a month, per sport, for the Online Price Guide which will have up-to-the minute pricing and list every available card Beckett has a price for.

Unless, of course, you don't always have access to the internet when you need a price.
I'm not so much interested in up to the minute pricing as I am familiarizing myself with all the different card companies, releases, parallels, and inserts that have come out since I was last paying attention. I'm about to post a few ebay listings in a separate thread because I have no idea if the cards are hard to find or plentiful.
If you have a couple of cards you need looked up in abseball, I can use my OPG for that. EIther shoot me a PM with as much info as you have or post the cards here. Pics always help.
Best bet: goto Amazon.com and get a "used" copy of a 2006, 07 or '08 Beckett Baseball Annual/Football Annual (around $10 a piece)...It's NOT complete, but it has the most infomation you will need.
Thanks, jaderock. I checked it out - looks like about $8 before shipping.

Here are some nondescript items I've seen on ebay that had me puzzled - this one looks awfully refractor-y for a base card:


This one is damaged, but is it base?:


He says exactly what this is in the description, but how often do they occur?: