What I learned after going though 25,000+ cards...

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Mar 6, 2007
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Manitowoc, Wisconsin-Home of The Roncalli Jets
Here is what I learned after going though cards....

1. Dang, I got a ton of cards!

2. Where did I get all these cards?

3. Most cards are from 1987 Topps, 1988 Donruss, ect

4. I dont want alot of these

Does anyone need any commons for charity, TTM...:)
hey man, if you are giving some away i could use some for ttm autos. LMK, thanks!!
Hi Doesn't have to be a charity...donate them to the local elementory school and you can still get a write off.
You have to be filing a Federal tax return ( Form 1040/1040A/ 1040EZ) and be able to itemized your deductions on Schedule A in order for you to get a write off on your Federal tax return. Its called a donation or contribution ..in the form of items (baseball cards), property or cash. Best regards, David
So if you donate your baseball cards and can't take a tax write off..... The big guy upstairs remembers your kindness on judgement day! Best regards, David PS the best gifts or donations come with no strings attached!