What is a "Make Ready" card by SAGE?

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Jan 19, 2007
Wellington, OH
Hi All,

I picked up what I thought might be a printing plate and instead it's what's called a "Make Ready" parallel (yellow #/50).

There are yellow, magenta, black and cyan versions but it's not a plate and this one is entirely yellow on white... can barely see anything on it. The back has the "Congratulations!... blah, blah,...." from SAGE.

Just the next gimmick?

By the way, it's a Ray Rice RC # 73 - can anyone advise BV? Curious.

they are sort of like artist proofs only they ran them from the particular print plates...so instead of getting a 1/1 plate you got xx/50 that were ran from the plate.

pretty ****** if you ask me...I hit a few of them in the past and they are in the junk box.
In the printing industry, make readys are the printing sheets that the printer uses to bring the printing presses up to the desired color/quality. They hang the printing plates and start running paper through, anything that is printed prior to the acceptable quality is considered the make ready sheets.

Basically it sounds like what you got is a card that was used to set up the press for the final print run, they numbered it and called it an insert. A nice way of using what normally gets thrown away/recycled and turning it into a "rare" insert!!!
I've got one of Rashard Mendenhall that I am having a tough time trying to move. I didn't really know what it was either when I picked it up. Oh well.