what is an "Aqueous Test Card"

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Jul 7, 2007
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Lake Elmo, MN
Thanks to fellow bencies I have been enlightened to this kind of card over the past week, but I do not know anything about them besides the name...any help?
The 90 Donruss Aqueous test cards, were produced exactly like the 90 Donruss cards, and then printed with Aqueous test across the backing of the card. The cards were then sprayed with a water based coating which is supposedly resistant to fingerprints and scratching.

That is what I know, I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong :D
You got it. No one seems to know how these cards left the factory and got into collectors hands though. There are many reports that not call card (in the base donruss set) were produced, which means I may never find the other Alvin Davis I need because it may not exist. Would that be a 0/0??
You should read this thread http://tinyurl.com/yjl3cqm

Here's an example:

Too bad those blue and white versions weren't made...anything would look better than the red, but maybe that is because most of us have grown to despise those massively overproduced regular 90 Donruss cards!

I have tried a few times w/o much vigor to land a type card, preferably a Dodger, but they were always dirt common players like a Dave Hansen or similar player and sold for more than I felt they were worth. A lot of times, people jump on the bandwagon of these odd issues and drive prices up, even on the nobody cards. I suppose there is a market for even the most common of players sometimes, but it's just too hard for me to spend good money on commons, even if they are unique issues. Same goes for the 82 Topps Blackless. I have Garvey and a few other stars/Dodgers, but could care less about scrub players. I'd pass on those all day unless I knew I could turn a fat profit!