What is the best buy?

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Jun 19, 2005
OK, I've never done this before but I need some advice. What is the best "BANG" for my buck with these products at these prices?

1. goodwin champions-50.00
2. 2009 sweet spot baseball-70.00
3. 2009 topps heritage high number baseball-50.00
4. 2009 donruss elite basketball-75.00
5. topps 206 baseball-65.00
6. 2009 bowman chrome football-52.00.
I really like 2007 Legendary Cuts. You can get a box for $60 on ebay and there are tons of great hits. Each tin comes with 2 jerseys of great retired players, and a Sweet Spot Auto and usually it's a HOFer. You can also get cut autos, and manafactured lettermen patches. THe letter patches take the place of one of the 2 base cards I think. The only downside is there are few redemptions, and they are expired. I just bought 2 boxes, I'll let you know how I do. But for those products, I would go with Sweet Spot.

Thanks! Was leaning towards the Sweet Spot or the Bowman Chrome fb. I've been dying to get something nice of Percy Harvin so the B Chrome is a real temptation.

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