What to do with 11 PCs

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Break them down and sell the parts on the bay! ;)

Yes.. but they are all kinda outdated... Pent. 4...good luck selling them though.. maybe break one down and sell one complete and see what gets more money...

Unless you need to make money off of them I would donate some. There is a lot of organizations and non profits that are in need of PC's regardless of specs.
Trade them for cards lol, sounds silly but I own a computer recycling business and have traded working pc's for cards before, Picked up an almost complete 78 and 79 Topps sets for a laptop
I could probably use one for my kids to play on. I am sure there are other parents out there with little kids that might be interested. I know for sure I could use a monitor. But the shipping on that stuff might be worth more than the parts.

well i turned 11 into 7 running pcs. i am keeping the dual core for myself to hook to the tv and I have 6 fully redone 2.8G P4s (that was no fun :) ) the dual core has windows 7 and 4g of ram (swiped from another pc) and just tools along. Clyde i was thinnking of that as I do have a 16 port Gig switch and my internet connection will handle all i can throw at it