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Jun 11, 2005
Washington State - The Pacific NW
Sometimes you don't have a choice, but when you do...make it count! Now, some may even look at my choices and laugh or criticize. I am a "flat" kind of guy. I don't like to get balls, bats or other pieces of memorabilia signed if they are not flat. Harder to store, take up much more room and just not interesting to me. Perhaps some of the reason for balls and other memorabilia is a resale factor, but some people just prefer those items. Me, I like the flats! However...here are my thoughts on the topic anyway, whether or not you agree.

I observed people today at the ballgame, where I was planning to get Dave Stewart to sign some items for me. He was scheduled to show up and sign for free and I knew it ahead of time. I came prepared. I'm sure many of the people at this game didn't know and perhaps didn't care that he was appearing, even if some of those people still indulged. As I waited in line, I saw people with various items they planned to have signed. In addition, the team (I assume) was selling balls, photos and cards ($5 for a common Dave Stewart card, talk about captive audience!) among other items. Many people were buying them because they didn't have anything else to have signed.

One item in particular that I was disappointed to see was a 1990s era Fleer team logo sticker of the A's. Perhaps the person had a reason for getting this logo card signed. Maybe it was part of a project, maybe that was all they could find. Who knows, but I just cringe to think of all the items like that that are being signed. 1989 Donruss, 1990 Score, 1992 Topps! Sure, set and team collectors may need those. Maybe I am just a card snob when it comes to signed cards, but I always try to get the best cards signed. I would try to grab a rookie card, maybe a minor league issue, an insert or GU or something more than a common overproduced Topps card.

To each their own, but when it comes to those cards hitting the secondary market, I wish more people thought like me! No more 1990 Pacific Legends cards! Ahhhhhhh!
Collecting is like music. With music, 10 people can listen to the same song and those 10 people will each take away something different from it. Thats what makes it great.

The same goes for cards. The last Dawson item I paid to have signed was puzzle piece/sticker that when completed formed a beautiful shot of all the happenings on the field during the National Anthem at the 1982 All-Star Game. I had the piece where Dawson was standing signed. I'm sure some people looked it and thought "Why?" I could care less. I never collected with the thought of what others thought or selling. I collected what I liked. What I enjoyed. What made me happy. I didn't let the size no matter how big, small or odd it may be. Which is why I own a 3 foot tall 1991 Donruss card of Andre Dawson!

I bid on that actually. The sticker I referred to was the one per pack stickers where the logo looked like a trophy with green background. They were from somewhere between 1987-1991 I believe. I don't think anyone enjoyed those!:D

But I did accept that to each their own. Now those early UD hologram logos work very well for signatures if you don't have any photos. They show up well and look pretty good. I have a few of those I have picked up and if someone were to want to cut them up, they would look like many of the newer "sticker autos" if framed nicely.
To me, its all about what you are willing to lose in the mail trying to get TTMs. That is why you see, and I have a load of 90 Pacific Legends. I'm not losing a Stan Musial or Duke Snider rookie card trying to get them to sign it. Not everyone values a signed mint HOF rookie card the same anyway.

Something I've thought about is taking a"card"
and having it copied into a photo,either with your
home copier or at a location that has those copying
Now I'm sure,someone will say"that is illegal."
I can see no difference between that and taping
a movie on your vcr,as long as it's for your private
use or collection.

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