What's the best card you've redeemed from the Topps Million Card Giveaway?


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Until yesterday my best was a 1955 Tommy Carroll, who was a bonus baby with the Yankees, bv = $25. But yesterday, after being disappointed to only get one code in a Series 2 blaster box, I entered it and redeemed a 1952 Wayne Terwilliger, a $60 card.
What good stuff have you picked up so far?


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59 Duke Snider, 61 Gibson,

and then Tiffany Rookies of Greenwell and Burks those two arnt worth anything price-wise but I grew up watching them and had there posters on my walls so its more of a PC Collection.


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Mostly garbage...got a couple '55 commons which were neat, but mostly 70s, 80s and 90s commons. Kind of frustrating considering what the codes themselves sell for, but it was fun trying :).