Whats the official unfficial rule for bumping?

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Jan 31, 2007
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I am just curious, its no secret its a pet peeve for a board where you only allowed one bump per 24 hours to have a member bump up 5, 6, sometimes a dozen threads in a row. I only ask because a moderator just did it with 6 threads and now it has me confused if its even a rule.

Can this site make it an official rule, or at least can we have some sort of guidelines for it? Personally I think you should only be allowed at most three thread bumps in one section per 24 hours.
I'm sorry to offend, I see people do it all the time, the only rule in place is a thread can be bumped once every 24 hours, I hadnt bumped those threads in well over 24 hours, decided to bring them up since there were a few people online. There currently is no rule about how many threads you can individually bump at one time, and as you can see each of those threads was about specifically different things.

I will make a thread in the moderators forum about your concerns and your idea.
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