What's your take on this???

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i think it could possibly be Baldelli's sig.....it looks like the piece of writing could be seen as the two "L's" and "i" of his name, but you would probably know better....i'm not sure how he signs.

more likely, it was probably just some writing on the jersey after the fact. maybe just marked or labeled or something.

just my opinion:cool:
I think so. I think it is the "cco" from Rocco. Definitely signed before it was put inside the card. I think it would be a neat item for the PC!

yeah it does look to be part of the tale end of "Baldelli"... I just don't know about $50 for the card though... the guy is definately playing up the "uniqueness"
Before (circa 2001-2003) when Donruss used to put a picture of the whole GU item on the back you could see that many of the jerseys had been autographed. So yes, it is possible to have a part of a signature on a swatch.

Here is one in my PC where it seems that is the case.
Heres a few cards I have. The Ashburn doesnt say prime but in the Beckett the version #ED to 8 is the prime version and not sure what the writing us. The Berra is obvious that its a good portion of his first name and theres a pic of the jersey on the back and the Clemente is prime hat and there is writing on it but not sure where it comes from. Cards with pieces of sigs on the GU have been around for quite some time and are unique. i dont think the $50.00 is worth is for Baldelli though.

I'll never understand why they cut up signed items...

I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt and think that if they get something in their possession that is signed they cut it up only if they can't authenticate it.
Then again, maybe some of the only authentic game worn jerseys of the retired players are signed, and they make more money off of cuttin' em' up than turning and selling them.
Here is one that is DEFINITELY signed along with a couple others, probably from the same jersey, but these are high end cards too, adding to the allure.


However, if there is one part of a sig, there will be more. It's no 1/1, but it would be a unique item for sure.