Where to Find Player Checklist


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Hey Everyone,

Just wondering where a good place would be to find a comprehensive player's card checklist. I see people with tag lines of 1112/4509 cards of a certain player. My 8 year old wants to become a "Super Collector". There goes the bank account............:eek:

Thanks in advance for any assistance,



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Beckett has the most comprehensive that I have seen. just type in the name and every card that is recognized will come up.

Best of luck - Chris


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To find out how many cards there are of a certain player I just go to Beckett Online and type in that players name and for free it will tell you how many cards they have listed for that player (it includes 1/1's though). Then just count the different cards you have of that player. So if Beckett says there are 1000 listings and you have 100 different cards then you put 100/1000 10%. Thats the cheap way to do it. Hope that helps.