Whitecaps IP 5/7/10

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Dec 16, 2007
Grand Rapids
Got these 2 11x14's of Tigers 09 1st Round pick Jacob Turner done so now just to get my 2 done for my end of the 50/50. Then got these of Luis Quinones the 2 87&88 Topp's are for members here, everything else is available. If you have a specific card you want of his signed tell me which one and I may already have it or have it in my stack of cards yet to be signed. I am willing to take a few more 50/50's for Turner now that I'm down to just getting my 2 photo's done and 1 ROMLB for a member here, unless you are wanting baseball's done though I won't be taking any huge 50/50's on since he is pretty much 1 per and I don't want to bombard him all right at the beginning and wear out my welcome since I don't see him getting promoted here soon. As far as everyone else on the team I can take whatever for. Also gotta love Brandon Inge bobblehead night, weather may have been rainy windy and just all around ****** it turned out ok for me even though I didn't get lucky and have 1 of the 4 autographed bobbleheads out of the 1,000 they gave away.
Also got this back I want to say Tuesday with a New Orleans postmark. I'm guessing he is playing in the minors there now and brought his mail with him from Spring Training