Whitecaps IP 7/23

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Nov 12, 2006
Grand Rapids, MI
Tonight was the 3rd Tiger Friday at the Whitecaps game. I got Larry Herndon on a ball and 3 cards.


1987 Topps for stlcardtrader and metrotheme:
was good seeing ya, should've found me a second time, Joel Zumaya was there, had to leave to bring my buddy back for his band's practice and then head out to go watch Fled Five but stuck around for most of the 2nd game waiting. He had that white GMC Sierrra truck lifted on rims with Got Sand on the back window if you had looked in the player parking lot.
wow I heard herndon was anti signing cards, great job getting him
That's the beauty of having him they and almost forced to sign anything people bring to the table. (Better than the girl I saw last year who had Willie Hernandez sign her forehead)

Not a bad day, but should've stuck with Nic and got some Zumaya.:p
I didn't get Zoom Zoom but do gotta picture of his truck, he was in the suite directly behind home plate with the whole family I think