Whole Bunch of Bulk Lots - Inserts/Parallels, Rookies, Star Cards


5.00 star(s)
I usually run the quarter sales every couple of months, but have some time limitations which will prevent it. So in order to keep the stacks of cards manageable for me here, I am going to try and bulk them out. The vast majority of cards are 2014-15.

Inserts/Parallels - 350+ cards - Gypsy Queen, Heritage, Bowman, 2015 Topps SII, and lots more! - There are numbered cards, foils, parallels (red/blue/etc.) - $30.00 Delivered (.08 per card delivered)

Rookies and Prospects - 325+ cards - Bowman, Topps, & Others - 100+ Bowman Prospects, 80+ Bowman Chrome Prospects - All kinds of players here, but don't expect Kris Bryant to show his face! I did throw in some classics as well (Bagwell, Smoltz, Clark) - $19.50 (.06 per card delivered!)

Star Base Cards - 185+ cards - A variety of brands! - There are Trouts, Jeters, Abreus, Kershaws, etc. - $12.00 - Delivered (.06 per card delivered!
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